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Alby Mangels

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UPDATE!!! 2011!

Hello Alby fans, Alby's website updated with lots of new information, even video clips!

Alby Mangels

Here at Alby's Shop is where you can now find DVDs.

Meet Alby in his official biography by Lynn Santers!

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P.S. There is a strong rumor that a movie is in development. I sure hope so. The spirit of Alby Mangels and his dream, is so important to inspiring those who love natural adventures to keep their own dreams alive about a healthier, safer, and vibrant planet.

Lynn Santers presents Alby Mangels!

Authorized biographer.
Beyond World Safari is available HERE!


Alby is finally showing up on YouTube. Check it out:

News on Alby

A lot of hard knocks, physically and emotionally ... but the man's spirit, and dreams are not to be kept down! Once reaching "legend" status ... the lore of Alby and his adventures takes a life of it's own. I sincerely believe, that whenever his soul might need rest, and/or time to recuperate from some dangerous mission ... the many friends and fans, who love him, and the strength of his dreams, and the stories he shares of his adventures in travel, to and through those dreams ... ... ... will somehow ... keep the boat afloat ... to the best of their abilities! If you are able, do your part to help spread the word about Alby, and his nephew Rick Snel, and their well done, interesting, and exciting documentaries of our natural world today.

Life is an adventure to be lived, no matter where your location. Look up! Look out! See the magnificence that was created by what ever Great Spirit you believe in.

Alby caught my eye, and my heart, since I first saw one of his travel adventures. He always made me feel like I was just another mate by his side, sharing in the ups and the downs, ... and that was just perfect for me. He helped me to smell the sea again ... I am two hours inland from the coast now, after growing up on the edge of a river that emptied into the sea. We lived a block from the ocean. Oh those precious memories of innocent adventure, and discovery. The videos that Alby, and his nephew Rick Snel, have made ... help to remind me of those days, and to find a whole new appreciation for all the world's unique creatures. These experiences with Alby and Rick, take me to places I know I never will be able to go, at least not in this life. Sharing the bad times ... fighting the mud or the sand ... helps me realize I am not alone ... especially when it comes to having an overactive 'Murphy' putting glue in the works, all the dang time! No offense you regular Murphys out there. LOL

Recently The Travel Channel aired Alby and Rick's video on the Mountain Gorillas of Africa. I cried for some time afterward, and haven't been the same since. I also started writing letters to ABC, and NBC, and whoever else I thought needed the opportunity to increase their awareness, of what is really going on, in this crazy violent world, and spread it to their viewers.

It is time the world starts to look itself in the eye. We can not continue our obsessive commercialism, with absolutely no regard to the other life forms on this planet. We must, as humans with, I hope, some morality, save something of Creation (not ours!) for our children and grandchildren. I have both, from age 7 to 30, and sometimes the guilt over bringing them into this place overwhelms me, ... as I remember the carefree days of my youth ... down at the beach, or in the local river, ... by myself ... for hours and into the dark, ...........or on the lagoons nearby, with a homemade raft, or ... building a 'fort' in the eucalyptus 'forest' by our home, ... or riding my bike the 4 1/2 miles to town, and back! Alone and 'on adventure' ... freedoms that my little seven year old will never know.

Alby's presentation, and usually Rick's photography and editing, on the Gorilla video, as well as many of their other travel adventures, is excellent.

If you have serious money, stop buying crap left and right ... putting it into storage, when there is no more room in the 5 bedroom house with the guest room ... find a way to help save the few Mountain Gorrillas that are left.

Visit the links below.

Contact the Travel Channel at Discovery.Com ... ask them to run Alby and Rick's tape again. Look in the faces of those great, gentle, and absolutely magnificent creatures, ... who do bare an uncanny resemblance to ourselves.

You may find you do not agree with every thing that Alby has done in the past (I feel pretty sure he doesn't! MLOL) or even if ... his personality is not your cup of tea ... if you don't like his short shorts, or how 'his girls' look at him, or whatever ... DON'T let that stop you from hearing his messages. As a producer, camera man, and a top presenter, he makes a lot of good points ... that strike right home to the heart of things - things this jaded world needs to wake up to ... and in a hurry!

Really, watch that next hawk that flies over your head.

Do you want to know more about Alby, his causes, and his adventures? Want to know what Rick is up to? There are links that follow which I have found enjoyable, and take you to more links. I have been told that Alby, and Rick, value their privacy, and that should be respected ... if you should ever be so lucky as to run into either of them!

Wake up ... and help, ... please!


My favorite site state side is the home of Koko, the female gorilla who works with sign language. She recently worked with the beloved artist ... Michael. Please visit their website, and if you can help in any way, ... support their ongoing study of the language capabilities of Gorillas: The Gorilla Foundation

You can even email Koko herself at Koko

We owe it to one of our closest relatives in the mammal kingdom. Take a good look at their hands, and then a good look at your own. To let them continue to be slaughtered, to steal their children, ... so as to make ashtrays of their precious and creative hands, is a crime beyond any comprehension. Please help financially if able, so others can be active in the field. If you are unable to help with funds, ... write letters to influential people, tell your friends, encourage them to write letters. Pray in your own style!

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is another terrific group to support. They have staff members live year-round in Rwanda to fight for the Mountain Gorillas' future. These patrols monitor the park for poachers and destroy hundreds of snares each year.

The Mountain Gorilla has very little time left ... only tiny patches of forest remain where they can be found. There is only about 300 left in the wild.

This is an urgent situation. ACT NOW!



Please leave us and Alby, a message of encouragement (I promise to forward the inspiring ones on to his public email, ASAP) Or, you can say hello to Alby directly! Visit his site in the links section and order his films and books.

Previous Messages to Alby

Remember to contact the Travel Channel at Discovery.Com : tell them how you feel, and beg for more of Alby

If you have a whole bunch of money ... work to save the gorillas, hell ... save the world! Support those people, and organizations, that are out there risking their lives to keep you educated!


"Increasing global awareness of the beauty of animals in the wild and focusing attention on endangered species and the need to protect them and their environment."

Rick Snel


A new U.N Environment Program (UNEP) report timed to coincide with last week?s Johannesburg World Summit on poverty and the environment revealed that many apes are in severe danger of extinction. The UNEP scientists found that if the destruction of the rain forests is not slowed or halted, at least 13 species of ape will be extinct within the next 30 years ? because their natural habitat will be destroyed. That means most of Africa?s chimpanzees, gorillas and bonobos, and Asia?s orang-utans would effectively be eradicated from the planet. The report found that the world chimpanzee population has already declined from two million in 1902 to just 200,000 in 2002.


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My name is Victoria, I am an artist, and I have been around the block a few times myself. My father was also an artist, and a finish carpenter, and a merchant seaman. He served in W.W.I and II, in the US Navy, ...spoke fifteen different languages and could read and write fluently in seven!

(photographer unknown)

The minute I first saw Alby on the Gretta Marie, I thought of my poppa. I have a picture of my father, with the salt water dried in his hair, torn shirt clinging, a glint in his eye, and his muscles flexing, ... as he coiled rope on some distant dock. Remembered too, are the fantastic, unbelievable, tales he told of headhunters in Borneo, and snakes near the Amazon, ... of far off places I am too afraid to visit, and adventures to curl anyone's hair, ... trips not possible anymore! He was a part of history in the making, and now I only can look back. Make YOUR life count!

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