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"Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages." - Thomas Edison -



"People of all ethnicity, gender, religion and sexual orientation should be welcomed by our community. Intimidation, threats and other forms of bullying have no place in a democracy."

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The Wolf House is devoted to the concept of home-schooling, and home-working, as a way to reduce congestion on the roads, in our brains, and ... in the schools. We feel this will save our collective sanity, as well as provide a quality education to our children.

We feel that it is very important to respect and take care of our elders, and to appreciate, nurture, and support the contributions that they are well qualified to give. Let's not just 'throw away' our old folks. It is just too sad, and such a waste of life!

Education should be provided in the subjects that the student, of whatever age, is eager to learn. Passion drives the thirst for knowledge! Otherwise it goes in one ear and out the other.

The emphasis, at this school of thought, is connecting with subjects that are loved, combining and turning them into a productive and supportive lifestyle.

We personally offer private lessons to include the visual arts: oil, acrylic, wood, clay, pencil or ink: portraits or studies, and the performing arts; theater, dance, and music appreciation.

We offer ways, with unwavering support, to find the opportunities to study and create, many hand-executed oldtime crafts: woodcarving, crochet, knitting, macrame, sewing, leatherwork, ceramics, etc.

We, at the same time, heavily promote organic gardening, renewal of the earth's resources, and, of course, cooking our creations!

All the sciences, astronomy, biology, geology, theology, psychology, archeology, plus health and exercise, personal, world culture and history, are presented as needed, AND wanted. There has to be a desire to learn, or everyone is wasting their time!

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For more information on us, items we produce, or any of our affiliate programs: email me at: thewolfhouse (Please be specific in your subject line, as our email box gets crowded with a lot of 'a junk', and sometimes it is very hard to tell the sincere stuff from the come-on.)

While you are here, please check out the links that follow. You will find educational sites for home teachers and kids, self-help for all ages, and more of me practicing free speech, LOL!

Continue to work at being the very best person that you can be, and share what you have learned, in your own family and community. The future really is counting on you!


All monies received, from any of our websites (those links marked with an * in the linklist page that follows) and any of the affiliate programs we belong to, help support our apprentice style, local neighborhood school and garden concept, as an alternative to our current public school system, ... and to those nursing homes that accept elderly ... who have, as their only the major illness ... that of being lonely, bored, unwanted and totally unappreciated!.

Please visit our affiliate links, and order your books, gifts, and CD's through us! Thank you very much for whatever you can do.

We are located next to the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, under Mount San Gorgonio, in one of the most beautiful places on earth.


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