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Harvey Arden writes: "Regarding why I, a white guy, am so involved in the indigenous world, I subscribe to the philosophy expressed in this statement by Australian Aboriginal Elder Lilla Watson:

"If you've come here to help me, you're wasting your time. But if you've come because your liberation is bound up with mine,then let us work together."

Please take the time to visit Harvey's webpage and to learn more about this very patriotic American.

Have You Thought ... Harvey Arden


From one of my takes, also published at the Examiner:

To make for real lasting recognition of ... well, I guess I would have to say; this whole hemisphere, our history and it's first people, ... the facts on how our present situation came about, must be shared honestly if we are ever to have hope of moving on!

Wow .. the scope is mind- boggling, and being held accountable as still existing, and complicit nations, is going to be inconvenient ... yes, it is going to be painful.

The 'Now' makes available what we all have to work with ... technologies which allow for almost instant feedback, useful conversations, and fact-check! The human family, technically now in the same earth boat, and for the most part wanting the same things: food, shelter, educational opportunities along with respectable jobs, in a clean and safe environment.

Now, needs to finally be the time when the American Holocaust is justly recognized, and all current native nations, made true valued partners in a productive, and fruitful way forward for all.

Now, is when this current nation needs to cleanse it's collective soul ... let the truth chips fall where they may, and vow, from the platform we find at hand, to move forward for a brighter world that we all can, as the human species, collectively, and proudly, pass on to our descendants. To 'pass on' is a duty none can shirk, as it happens anyway. It is our choice as to the mark we leave behind ... for better or for worse.

My mind sees it is up to each of us individually, to work to be the best we can be, ... set our best example with the cards as now dealt.

Love, hugs, and best wishes to you, yours, and theirs. Why not?



The following I wrote right after the last VP debates:

Joe Biden came out and showed he was qualified for the job of VP, and that he could most definitely take over the presidency ... at a moments notice. He was thoughtful, knew the subjects, and respectfully presented his viewpoints.

Sarah Palin, I thought, was in insult to the majority of Americans, and especially women ... actually I thought she took them quite a few steps back. She talked of woman's rights in Iraq, and yet does not believe in them for her own country. Hockey moms are the only types of moms that count? Of all the women in this land that are well educated, knowledgeable, broadly experienced, and capable ... can think on their feet ... and hold their own in any public format, while showing respect to all other citizens 'created equally' ... ... ... Sarah Palin gets picked, by John Mc Cain, to represent us???

Considering the current crisis, the real suffering of average Joe, and Sally, and all the rest of the critical happenings in the world, she talked like she was talking to the third graders she gave a 'shout out' to ... well, gosh, shucks!

Speaking of education, it seemed to me, that this debate, during such very serious times, called for adult speech. One light moment, or maybe two, to relax all involved and give the audience a breather ... maybe, but every thing that came out from her was lightweight ... over-rehearsed answers, insults to the American people intelligence by the way over-use of cutesy comments ... wink, wink ... the same tired index card talking points ... ... ...'the American people love freedom' ... no duh!

The American people were reduced to "Joe 'six-pack' and all the hockey moms across America" ... which paints our nation's people in a light I found very insulting. Most Americans are about way more than tossing back a six-pack, and going to hockey games. Not every American has a hockey player in the family ... I don't know any! There may be a number of states that have no hockey teams at all! I have never even been to a hockey game, know of none in my well populated area, and I am 62!

Team sports is not a factor in every family ... maybe ten percent at our rather large local high school, and that is shared by foot-ball, soccer, tennis, and baseball as well ... a lot of families can't afford the uniforms, special equipment, shoes, bus fees, etc., even if they did want to participate, besides the fact that there can only be so many members on a school team!

Considering that whomever becomes the next leaders, of the America I believe in, has to inspire our country to be all that it can be, as well as set an example, of the best we have to offer in leadership, to the rest of the planet, I know Sarah Palin is not qualified on many major levels.

She did not speak for me, and I believe she left out the large majority of real American families ... families that value dignity, continually search for the truth, respect their neighbors, their environment, locally and world wide, and work hard to achieve the goal of excellence, in all they do ... hoping to leave their children, a planet in better shape than when they came in ... a place we can all be proud of.


Will the 'real' Republicans please stand up.

At 62 I have known a lot of Republicans ... remembering them fondly, I now call them the real Republicans ... many of them a lot like Chuck Hagel of today, and his family!

The Elephant Party back a few years, the 50's, 60's ..... the 'after the war to end all wars' folks ... the World War II folks ... is not the party of today. I had Republican in-laws I adored, from my first marriage in 1964 ... very Christian like folks, who walked their talk, everyday!!! My husband came from a very large family ... Oklahoma migrants ... 'tuft' as nails, but with an attitude that if we have it, and you come along, we will share it.

My favorite boss of all time, and her husband, and the whole dang family ... all Republicans that I adored as people ... even a whole large office full of Republicans, with whom I shared 50,60 hours a week or more as a real estate agent. I could understand their points of view, even though on some issues, I had quite a different view point, and that was OK.

By honestly sharing our real feelings, and what we truly thought about 'current affairs' ... we always maintained basic respect ... and always came to agreement on the basic issues of living and life, with very few exceptions ... maybe we argued, that it should be by different paths, yes ... but .... but all of us, looking to the mutually shared goal of ... trying to be the best person you can be, with what you got dealt ... working with Whatever created you, and Whomever answers your prayers, when you pray.

My longtime workmate ... a retired motorcycle cop ... another true blue Republican, and the nicest guy you would ever want to meet. Oh, and of course Pastor Wells, and his large family. Christians who would have been very comfortable sharing a loaf of bread, a glass of wine, and a piece of fish with Christ Jesus Himself, and I sense now looking back that Jesus would have enjoyed their company and certainly lingered.

Another ... my Godfather, his whole family ... my God Mother, and her husband, and all their family!!! Crawfish pie and a Fillie Gumbo, and surely in line for the most Patriotic Americans Award ... but very genuine, loving, and honest to the bone ... and then there was my best friend for years, before he passed .. a school janitor ... a real jewel of a guy ... hardest working man I had ever met ... worked as a janitor with him for a while when young, in a large 2 story movie house ... them sticky floors I will never forget ... layers of wax and gum almost an inch thick!!! LOL...

What I see now, in these 'new-type' 'so-called' Republicans, is actually a 'third' party that is now declaring themselves as leaders ... in the race for supremacy ... power over the 'masses' ... that is the rest of us. What used to be a secret agenda is now being revealed. These are not the Republican's I know, or knew ... lot of them passed on, now, and the world has been less for it.

Wonder what these new Republicans are going to call themselves, nowadays, when they run things?

Mavericks/Pitbulls with lipstick? ... armed to the teeth??? Profit at all, and anybody's cost ... the 'WildWest' rides again ... 'pack on your six-shooter' 'grab the rifle' ... 'don't need no phucking horse' ... 'got me a black and chrome hummer!'

'Us against them' ... 'our way or the highway' 'Dead or alive' .... warned Bush/Cheney/and the gang ... and with Mc Cain/Palin, we all know they haven't left the building.

Want real ... want really, real, real change???

Do you believe in equal accountability for equal actions??? Do you believe in equal justice for ALL?

... do you sincerely support our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights???

Learn all you can ... read up on the facts ... the issues that affect us ALL ... like these hurricanes that keep coming in. ... listen to videos, check out the transcripts yourself, make up your own minds .... beginning to end

... support my favorite congressman ..... 'keeping them honest' Kucinich, and Vote this time ... Obama/Biden 2008.


On a roll ... let's keep it going!

... Congress must hold hearings. (says Dennis Kucinich) There can be no greater offense of a President or a Commander in Chief than to conjure a war based on lies to Congress, to the troops, and to the people of America. I love our country with all my heart and I intend to persist until America is America again. Please contact your friends and neighbors and ask them to go to our website at and sign the impeachment petition.>>>>>>>>>>>> I so totally agree and will continue to support Dennis, whenever possible. If we as individuals are accountible for our actions, and if we seriously phuck up ... can expect a trial, to be judged by our peers, and if guilty ... a nonstop ticket to jail. Why should OUR elected leaders be held any less accountible??? Where does the buck stop when orders are given??? The time is now for impeachment proceedings.. Let's clarify the waters BEFORE the next administration takes office, so they know right from the get-go who they work for, and without doubt will follow our own, as well as international laws.


Unity speeches in New Hampshire ... wow ... literally brought tears to my eyes.

It literally, gave me hope in the 'American' dream, and in true justice for all ... from the top down!

Here is a another Democrat wanting what is best for all the American people, and also a strong Democratic congressman.

Support Obama, Support Hillary, and support my favorite candidate/congressperson of all: Dennis Kucinich.

Support accountability from the top down. Timely justice should not only be for the average, and the poor, Americans. The buck stops where??? Let's set a precedent ... let's define the boundaries of the executive branch, before the new administration take seat.

Look at the issues ... look at the platforms ... Hillary and Obama are basically on the same page when it comes to policies ... light-years away from the Bush/McCain teams. That is why the Democratic debates started to become so boring, well, not to me ... LOL, but ... they mostly all believed the same things about how to fix America!!! Kucinich was a lot in the lead, in my opinion, but I noticed, as I watched every debate ... ALL the others came along and gravitated to the main road, on a number of things ... universal health care, the economy strengthened by the quick development of alternative energy sources, rebuilding America first, along with the war issues. Hillary came the farthest, I thought, and there is nothing wrong, that I can see, with changing your mind and moving on, as new information becomes available. That is not 'flip-flopping' ... that is called growing!

Blow the smoke away, and let's let the world know that we are making a change ... united!!! Our constitution, and the Bill of Rights will actually stand for something, that all American's can hold on to, and which will in turn, inspire the planet to plot a new course.

The truth will matter again, and justice will start from the top down!!! We will walk our talk! One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!!! ... and in an environment, that we can be proud to pass on to our children, and theirs.

Let's show the world by our example, what a truly great, honest, and compassionate society we can be .... civilized folks who follow the rule of their own laws, as well as respecting all international laws.

Why not???

Thank you ... and may the Creator of ALL of us, and this planet we all call home, bless us all.


Fareed Zakaria CNN

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Big wave of Hillary supporters for McCain ... Baloney!

June 20th, 2008

Having voted Democratic for over 40 years ... all real Democrats will rally behind the nominee ... Barack Obama in 08.

All I talk to, which is quite a few through blogs and forums, who supported Hillary, will support Obama, and the ones that won't are really probably republicans, or paid 'shrills' doing the old smoke and mirrors game.

Look at the issues ... look at the platforms ... Hillary and Obama are basically on the same page when it comes to policies ... light-years away from the Bush/McCain teams. That is why the Democratic debates started to become so boring ... they mostly all believed the same things about how to fix America!!!

Blow the smoke away and let's let the world know that we are making a change!!! Our constitution and the Bill of Rights will again stand for something.

The truth will matter again, and justice will start from the top down!!! We will walk our talk! One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!!!

Let's show the world by our example what a truly great, honest, and compassionate society we can be .... civilized folks who follow the rule of their own laws, as well as respecting all international laws.

Why not???

Do the world, and esp. us, a favor ... please sign the impeachment petition

Impeachment Petition

Urgent! June15th 2008

Please consider writing your own letter to the Sun-Sentinel.

>>>>>Impeachment not worth another minute of anybody's time

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board

June 12, 2008

ISSUE: Some in Congress want an impeachment.

The nation does have a few pressing issues pending that could use some attention from our federal lawmakers. Let's see. There are a couple of wars going on, unemployment is on the rise as the value of a house continues to fall, millions of Americans have no health insurance, and did we mention that gas prices are expected to hit $5 a gallon? You get the idea. And still, some in Congress feel the nation is just itching for another presidential impeachment>>>>>

Here is my letter:

.... and those are just the reasons impeachment should go full steam ahead.

I fully support Dennis Kucinich and Robert Wexler. The time for accountability in our highest offices is now ... there is no better time than before a new administration takes over. The executive branch is bloated and out of control.

If a stain on a blue dress is worth impeachment, surely the thousands of our dead, who did not have to die, warrants justice. The billions ... maybe will be trillions ... spent in and on Iraq, while our own nation falls into disrepair ... when it didn't need to, is criminal!!!

That we attacked a foreign sovereign nation that did not attack us, and hundreds of thousands of theirs are dead, maimed, orphaned, or displaced, is outrageous to say nothing of coming up to the level of war crimes.

Accountability matters ... the truth matters, and there is no better time than now. If the rest of the world is ever to respect us again, or if even our own people are to again hold their heads high, this current administration needs to feel justice.

Sincerely, Victoria .... Beaumont, CA

-----Original Message----- From: Congressman Robert Wexler To: Sent: Sun, 15 Jun 2008 4:06 pm Subject: Wexler Attacked for Impeachment Support - Help Respond!

Dear Victoria,

Last Thursday the largest newspaper in my congressional district - the South Florida Sun-Sentinel - published an editorial lambasting my enthusiastic support for immediately holding impeachment hearings for President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Numerous letters to the editor have also criticized my support for this movement.

Below, you'll find the original Sun-Sentinel editorial, followed by my response, which was printed yesterday.

I assure you that I will not back down from this fight ? no matter the consequences or political cost. The only thing that maters is that we deliver accountability for the Bush Cheney Administration and defend our government and our constitution.

If you would like to write a letter to the Sun Sentinel, you can email

Thank you for your continued support.

Robert Wexler


Sun-Sentinel Editorial

Impeachment not worth another minute of anybody's time South Florida Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board

June 12, 2008

ISSUE: Some in Congress want an impeachment.

The nation does have a few pressing issues pending that could use some attention from our federal lawmakers.

Let's see. There are a couple of wars going on, unemployment is on the rise as the value of a house continues to fall, millions of Americans have no health insurance, and did we mention that gas prices are expected to hit $5 a gallon? You get the idea. And still, some in Congress feel the nation is just itching for another presidential impeachment.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, who has made a career out of eye-rolling issues like these, said this week he wants the House to consider a resolution to impeach President Bush. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Delray Beach, who is smarter than this, supported the Articles of Impeachment, which won't go anywhere and thankfully have been buried in a committee not likely to hold hearings before Bush leaves office.

Last year, Kucinich led the misguided charge to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney, and Wexler supported that. In the case of Bush, Wexler called it a "sworn duty" of Congress to act.

Actually, it's nobody's sworn duty to take up any time to go after a badly battered president with only a few months left in office. This is a president so unpopular, presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain won't make many public appearances with him. This is a president who is such a non-entity, peace activists didn't even bother to protest his appearance in Berlin this week.

Nor should Congress bother with the ridiculous idea of impeachment, which Kucinich contends is warranted because Bush deceived the nation into war.

There's plenty of evidence to fuel Kucinich's ire, but not his choice of remedy. If Congress needs more things than impeachment to keep lawmakers busy, it has myriad options.

BOTTOM LINE: Get on with REAL issues.

Copyright (c) 2008, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

The Wexler Response:

The Sun-Sentinel recently ran an editorial criticizing my support for the articles of impeachment against President Bush opining that Congress should instead "get on with REAL issues" such as the Iraq war. In fact, it is this very war -- entered into following an unprecedented campaign of lies and manipulated intelligence by the Bush Administration -- that necessitates impeachment hearings. This war has cost us the lives of 4,090 US soldiers, injuries to over 30,000, and more than a trillion taxpayer dollars when it is all said and done.

It is a dark day when the Sun-Sentinel has the gall to tell the parents of the soldiers who have died in Iraq that pursuing consequences for those that prosecuted this war of choice based on outright deception is not a "REAL" issue that Congress should address.

Sadly, the war is only the beginning. We now know that this Administration illegally ordered the torture of prisoners, obstructed justice by lying about the outing of a covert CIA agent and authorizing warrantless spying on American citizens.

No one can deny that if proven these allegations amount to High Crimes. Our failure to act sets an awful precedent and enables future Presidents to break the law and violate our Constitution without sanctions from Congress.

The Sentinel says impeachment is the wrong "remedy" for this litany of crimes. What then is the proper remedy? A harsh lecture? A strongly worded editorial? Or how about doing absolutely nothing in the face of these outrageous abuses of power?

Impeachment hearings need not distract us from other important priorities such as the economy, gas prices and bringing the troops home from Iraq. Congress can and should address all important issues - including safeguarding our constitutional rights and obligations.



Paid for by "Wexler for Congress"

PO Box 810669 Boca Raton, FL 33481

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~

Impeach? Yes, start with Cheney and then Bush ... then hold for war crimes against the world. While waiting for a new and legitimate election in the nation ... plead with Al Gore and John Kerry to hit the ground running and try to turn this ship around. Hold real elections in 2008!!!


Want statistics? If the planet's people were only made up of a 100 ... hmmmmm ... makes a person think, for sure!



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Here is something to think about, besides the billion a week spent in just Iraq and all those bodies piling up:

Weapons manufacturing, maintaining, and resupplying ... services, and contractors ... support with every thing ... from the top to the bottom ... AKs to q-tips .... sure our economy booms, and right now it is mostly running on exporting death, not democracy!

Here follows a statement from a dear friend:

... You don't win any wars by continuing lies. The lies this president has told when he knew the real truth, and his quest for more presidential power are eating away at the core values of this country, and calling those who know the truth radicals is dividing us. We are on the verge of losing our country to a tyrant, but some people are too swayed by the power of the machine to stand up for the rights guaranteed by our Constitution. It's not a matter of taking a course of least resistance that protests against this war have 70% of the country's citizenry, and far too many trusted allied countries in the world, against this president and his crooked corporate cronies. The problem is compounded by Americans who are blinded by the corporate news propagandists enough to believe that our troops' blood is being spilled for an honorable cause, spelled F-R-E-E-D-O-M. Let me correct that. It's spelled B-I-G O-I-L and H-A-L-L-I-B-U-R-T-O-N, and its purpose is pure and simple: profit for pet corporations who supply our war machine. The longer the war, the greater the profits. Do you really think president Bush is waiting for General Petraeus' assessment of the possibility of victory in Iraq? President Eisenhower warned us of the danger fifty years ago. If anyone knew the value of American blood, he did.

Next month we will see if General Petraeus knows that value as well.

Jim Pankey, USN (Ret.)


Name calling seems to come so easy to some ... speaking loud ... deliberately trying to insult and demean ... typing in caps ... .... ... classifying everybody into tight little boxes ... some boxes way more valuable than others.

What is a communist? ... if you are going to call people by that name what does it mean to you? AT least state what you feel are the main tenets before you make accusations ... well ... it would be nice.

The truth does matter ... the truth raising to the surface, like bubbles in beer, by the sharing of accurate information to the best of our knowledge, with the willingness to update as things change ... being discussed by all of us ... Americans ... so we can make a 'united' decision, of the best course of action, with the resources available to us, and then working together with our best reps. to make it happen.

Let's see ... what does that term mean??? ... American? ... from America? ... one nation under the Creator, I assume of all, with liberty, justice, and freedom for ALL, with certain inalienable rights ... human rights.

The wind, and the wave, tornado and tsunami, do not recognize our attempts at walls ... hurricanes laugh at the walls we try to erect to separate us from ourselves. One planet ... one boat available at the present time for the human species ... we are all in this boat together ... all of us ... Red, Black, Yellow, and White ... I call myself Green, and I know some Purples ... fine ... call yourself what ever ... we are still in the same boat!

An earthquake does not check boundary lines before shaking ... a pandemic does not differentiate from medically covered and not ... the flood waters could care less about formal districts or how much you are 'worth' ...



Bill Clinton is ran an ad in CA that if the Brazilians can literally grow their own fuel and 33% cheaper that gasoline ... and way more environmentally friendly ... plus NO LIFE SACRIFICED .... so can the US!

... the US can do a lot of things besides supporting the 'great killing machine' ... using our own children, as lambs for profit.

American's can start making things again ... we can make our own economy, in our own sovereign nation ... and in our own section of the America's ... on our half of the planet with our own 'family' neighbors to the North and South!

do unto others, as ye would like them to do unto you!!! ... in anybody's religion!!!!!!!!!! ...

Let's show the world how our own backyard can sparkle!!!!

That will win 'hearts and minds' .... on the other side of this crippled planet flying through the space of some Creator ... of ALL.

Hugs all around ... and to you and yours!

May all your pumpkins be big ones .... major healthy food alternative by the way .... loads of anti-oxidants!!! ... fried, baked, sauteed, sweetened or savory ... with sausage or honey ... dried in strips and added to bean soup with some sage ... thrown as far as possible with great glee and left for the birds!!! We can grow our own everything and turn it into everything we need, and other sovereign countries can follow suit ... why not?


PS. 'Legal drug-pushers drive me nuts too, but I will save that rant for another day ... and they have for years and years ... those glossy ads in the magazines .... and now the big TV spots ... I was offended in the 60's and the ad budgets now for 'pill pushing' are off the charts! ... and that includes the poison manufacturers.

The point being ... just WHAT is supporting our 'great' economy???

................................... >>>>>"From everything I can see, Mr. Casey is unready, unqualified for the high office he seeks at a time when our survival as a free people is at stake," Santorum said in remarks prepared for delivery at PRL Industries, a metal-castings supplier that counts the military among its customers. "He is one of many Americans sleepwalking in this nightmare."

Elections 2006- Santorum: 'Survival as a Free People' at Stake - AOL News

America, and American's first!

I will step out here and say I think that secondly, our fine soldiers, and especially our Guard and Reserve, fathers and husbands, and grandfathers ... should 'stay' at home, and protect and repair our own nation first and foremost .... a beacon of light, and a shining example of democracy, here first!

Our main forces should be ever ready, for attack from nature, or others here, while our nation negotiates with respectful diplomacy ... how we can really help our neighbors, acting with the permission of those sovereign nations, and in unity with our hemisphere ... recognizing our shared environment, an environment that fences can not divide!

Our country committed to taking the moral highground, we profess we believe in ... way before, if ever, sending hundreds of thousands of our children to a hole to hell ... that 'we' have created ... blasted to bits.... getting them killed and forcing them to kill others!!!

... all the 'Iraqis' innocent originally of an attack on America!!! Now there is political talk to keep our children there for years more ... way on the other side of the damn planet!!!

... in a professed to be a 'never ending war' ... which was based on major lies.

The powers that be ... our leadership ... lied to us!!!! ... Americans! They lied to our military, and they lied to the rest of the world ... which, by the way the rest of the world has noticed!)

Democratic or Republican, or Green, or Purple ... becomes a personal preference to be voted on accordingly ... non-partisanship should be highly visible, not only by 'our' military, but it should be for any elected office ... especially should be exhibited by our president!

... a person personally might believe one way, or the other, and support and be supported by a political party, then elected by a majority, but ... ...

... once in office, or once in the uniform of a first defender, and/or first responder

... it is a moral and legal duty to represent ALL of the people!

This is based on 'our' ... regardless of party ... treasured constitution, the Bill of Rights, and common sense ... in line with the 'American Dream'

... one nation, under A Creator, with liberty and justice for ALL, with the right to the pursuit of happiness ... health ... ...

... freedom ... under a democracy

... for the people, and by the people!!! V.

"One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It is simply too painful to acknowledge -- even to ourselves -- that we've been so credulous." Carl Sagan

"They have always taught and trained you to believe it to be your patriotic duty to go to war and to have yourselves slaughtered at their command. But in all the history of the world you, the people, have never had a voice in declaring war." Eugene Debs

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell

This is my almost daily blog ... sometimes monthly commentary, on our current state of affairs here in the North America, and in the world.

Want to stand up and speak your mind? ... and skip me and my opinion?

The following link impressed me, right away. Howard Zinn I find to be a remarkable historian, and he is a board member.


Want to listen to some great acoustic music that touches the soul:

TRIBES HILL : kindred folk
Hit listen on the left side ... you won't be sorry!!!


The Opposite of KiLL

The National Guard and Reserve should be just what it states in the name ... national ... within our nation. Gosh, in these 60 years, and armed with the knowledge of my father, who served in two world wars, I have known, or heard about, a lot of very patriotic, dedicated, and totally loyal, 'dudes and dudedettes' that served in the Guard and Reserve, and the Merchant Marines

... 'committed to protect and guard our country' ... from HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... when attacked!!!

... HERE

.... call them 'last responders'

... or if all hell breaks lose and/or homegrown disaster strikes HERE, somebody is trained, and HERE, to HELP!

Self protection and self defense is why these mostly family members and community workers sign up.

Iraq, may I remind folks, did not attack us!

HELP ... opposite of KILL, used as solution to any problem we as humans face

If all hell breaks lose HERE, we as real Americans, who love this land, with all our hearts, and hope to pass it on ... in good condition, to our children and their children ... well, we will get off our asses, and do what is necessary for the home front, even if only to grab a damn shovel and clean up!

(some day-laborer, or friendly illegal, will know where shovels are located, and can probably find a pot of beans stewing with some chili's, garlic, and onions ... maybe a chunk of rabbit, a chopped up cactus ... water, if there is any.)

Water is the tricky part, in any real disaster ... the key really to survival ... water and portable food ... basic first aid, and folks to manage it.

The best idea Homeland Sec. has had was to suggest plastic and duct tape ... folks can use it to catch the dew ... !!! I forgot, did they come up with the idea on how to catch moisture, or did they even talk about it??? ... and those 'sun' ovens to bake bread??? .... those water purification pills?????????


On one side

A Personal Story

On one side, my ancestors too, came in the early, mid, and then some more in the late 1800's through Ellis Island

... they bought a ticket, and they signed their names on a piece of paper, and they just came, .... waving at the Statue of Liberty as it majestically passed by ... then they were on their own. The 'golden cities' for most turned to brass knuckles, real quick, for most ... the slave shops even included the children ... young children ... lot's of children ... lot's of nations ... the poor... the English, Irish, the Italians, the Poles, and the Germans .... still we fight ... now with all the Middle East and half of Africa added in.... while the Far East gets in line .... ... ... real peace ... some fantasy land we just talk about.

On the other side though, we have relatives whose land and very lives were taken by these 'newcomers' to the 'new' land ... the ILLEGALS to the natives ... the American Natives ... they came to build a 'new' country with no respect whatsoever for the nations already established for centuries! ... here, right here!!!

Those people, what is left of them, the ones that had been living here for thousands and thousands of years are still here, and memories are still remarkably fresh.

Family ties go across the current borders (made up by a relatively small group of people, quite undemocratically, and under 'still contested' circumstances. Google: Treaty of Hidalgo.)

... this land, their home ... as long as human memory.

That is what makes Mexican's different ... they are too Indian Cultures, they are Native American Continent ... Native to the southern part of this ... one continent ... ... ... this ... is their native land

... the natural paths of the environment/resources, and the ability to deal with it, were the true borders between tribes ... the plains, the coasts, the mountain people ... the river valley folks

.... speaking of which ... the Colorado River, a question ... ... ...

... anybody have any idea of how much of that water used to flow into what we now call Mexico?

How much water has now been diverted for 'our' pleasures??? ... what used to flush, a very important, and extremely fertile water shed, to the whole Gulf of Mexico ... cleaning, and healing the environment in the process, and keep wildlife flowing too according to Creation ... ... ...

... the people ... flowed up and down with the summers, and the winters ... since there was people, the seasons, and food to follow ... migrants!!!

... at the very least ... for totally selfish reasons, if you still can not see the justice brought by truth ... our 'new' nation, the 'US' ... with our current leadership/supporters ... should get a grip ... before getting armed .... this is insanity when used as a solution to problems we all face ... military troops, fresh out of a war zone???? ... to deal with neighbors?

... we could try talking ... yes, even sharing ... our best opinions, about what is most important to all families

... win/win situations ... like we are supposed to teach our children ... follow the Golden Rules ... prioritize. Food/Health/Clean Environment ... Peace?

Mexico is our immediate neighbor, with a lot of relatives to a lot of actual US citizens ... legal citizens here, .... and I might add, so far, Mexico remains an ally!

We talk of all sorts of walls ... stopping all sorts of natural migrations ... ... .... and now we are sending military troops, used to seeing body parts daily, some of which are their friends, to another patrol looking at dark skinned, dark eyed people, that many can't tell from Arabs ... friend or foe!!!!!????????????

Some troops even with family ties to the people in question??? Check the surnames of those who have fought, and died, in Iraq!!! ... or any damn war this country has been in!

Border Patrol Agents, who are most admirable with a tough job, need our support, training/counseling, in humane methods of 'rules' enforcement ... they need funding, and a heaping of 'justified tools' for doing their important jobs, and Local Police, and local First Responders, who also deserve deep support, should stick to prosecuting crime ... real crimes ... human against human ... there is plenty of it everywhere, and in all 'race' groups.

The problem, besides being unable to tell by looks ... legality ... is that someway ... there needs to be a way to separate ... those who commit criminal acts, and those just real poor ... hungry, with families, and desperate for work

... and looking for, and finding, if they survive the trip, willing employers ... willing and able American employers!!!

... water, though tainted, is finally seen on a path long deserted of it, and the desperate are drawn in by the light .. taunted by the rhetoric that spews out of 'America' on the airwaves ... the land of plenty ... land of honey ... freedom for all ... equality, pursuit of happiness ... a democratic and free nation with an unbelievable amount of STUFF.

Little do they know ....


Militarizing the border is certainly not the answer for any of us ... is it???

Cutting ourselves off from yet another country??? another ally? One joined by a very, very long border, and a lot of windy days, and an ancient history ... one that joins us with 'all' of South America. Think continental drift ... Check how much Brazil is paying for gas? How many nations are our friends now??? Our incredible arrogance, and hubris, is going to get us all down a road we really don't want to walk ... not in the real world.

It may work for Tom Cruise and his Army of Illusionists, ... the latest action hero .... but really!

Remember the children ... remember we all came into this world the same way and we will go out the same way ... answering to our own Creators.

At sixty today ... I see my little three year old grand daughter at play in the sprinkler ... and when do I tell her what war is??? What starvation is? What uncontrollable .... even by big walls ... pandemic diseases ... ... ...

What is the best age for learning about hate?

*message dated 5/4/2006 1:27:27 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, a 'friend' writes:

As for wiping you out, in general, the various Indian cultures of North America are valued, by the general American culture and have been for decades, if not longer. I can merely point to place names you will see on any map to show names that have obvious Indian origins and are celebrated rather than expunged. >>>>>

I think about California, and write back ... kinda like El Camino Real ... San Jose, and Diego, Santa Cruz, and Barbara ... Los Angeles and Pomona????? ...hmmmmmmmmmm ... sorry folks but the Mexican bashing on the boards has really got me going.

Of course 'they' will say when asked they just mean the illegal ones, but they post nasty, mean, and racist comments, about sending them all back to where they came from

.... which I still find so totally ridiculous ... for most migrant and day/night workers ... have had, and do have, large families close to the contended, and imposed regardless (please do some actual treaty reading ... fascinating what some certainly hand-picked signers agreed to for millions of others ... 'others' ... sound like the TV show Lost ... so much for freedom, equality, and democracy) artificial borders (no respect for the thousands and thousands of years of civilization living lightly on the earth)

... now with 24 hour updates ... counting, well sort of, the dead, with 'our' nation, whose own backyard reeks with unsolved issues ...

... those in control now, say they are speaking are 'our' values and beliefs ... still taking ground by force, in the rest of the world .... .. still stuffing their pockets, first with the land ... then the silver and the gold ... the oil ... whatever the 'legal's' wanted they took by force in establishing this nation, and some are still doing it!!!

Real American's are the ones who do homogenize and who respect all who are different, as they are different from them ... other languages as valid as theirs, and deserving of respect ... ... a true rainbow family ... truly believing in the rhetoric that we condone from our leaders ... truly compassionate to all who struggle from persecution, hunger, and poverty.

Mexico ... the nation ... is politically our friend ... Do we really want it another way?

We should be building bridges, and keeping them orderly and clean, not walls ... funding health care centers for ALL who are ill ... we should work feverishly with Mexico for full cooperation and participation ... if for no other reason that to control pandemics, either way ... lot of U.S. retired in Mex. and do use their healthcare at I must say reasonable rates/watch a border for a while ... the going in, and going out. We all need to know who is where, and what they are carrying

..... is it more important to spend billions and billions ... all with B's .... on the other side of the planet rebuilding and rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan???

... putting in permanent basis, new schools, hospitals, infrastructures ... the same water and electric lines, again and again ... investing almost all our money, and human lives and energy in a never ending war on the other side of the damn planet???

Can't our friends Russia, China, and India and Pakistan take care of 'their' side of the world ... the dang Saudi's have nothing but cash under them robes ... bags and bags of cash .... but oh look at those f-cking wetbacks sneaking under and over 'our' barbed wire searching for food and shelter ... f-cking greaser pigs!

I am just sick .... sick .. sick of all the threats and hatred going around.

.... and then there is ... poor lady liberty ... we need a new symbol, or at least a new statement ... maybe ... ?

"have profit? ... have entry."

... families and groups of extending families have been migrating up and down the hills and mountains, and through the main valleys of what is now called the United States and Mexico border for centuries, do some American's really still think America discovered the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River????? Civilizations here for lot's and lot's of centuries ... what are the experts up to now 59,000 years at the very least? vs. 300~.. and the average paleface can't tell the difference by looks or actions of most brown/red people ... here is a test go stand by a field of anything growing and take a look at who is tending it ... who is legal? illegal???

Some good 'American's' are even recommending ... again ... of killing them, and destroying what they depend on to live (remember the Buffalo?) and some even suggesting to kill even those whose support or take care of them, as in priests and first responders ... professed 'real' Christian folks, posting on AOL for the world to see ... spouting 'beaners', 'greasers', 'taco chimps', and threatening murder! Never ending war ... here, there ... everywhere ... there must be something better for humanity.

Sometime I think the protesting and screaming about Mexicans, Blacks, Indians, and Asians, stems from the illegal way this country was settled in the first damn place ... you know that 'quiet' holocaust when actual murder of any of the above groups was legal ... ...

by the language on the board some seem to be recommending for that again

.... with kids the guilty one is usually the one who gets the loudest when confronted. When my grandson starts yelling and getting all red in the face I can be pretty sure he is the one who spilt the milk. Vict.

>>>>When the VP's company makes 34 BILLION off an unnecessary war, AFDC expenditures are put in perspective>>>

.... and so is the 'Mexican' problem ... those same brown skins that were living here for the last 100,000+ years ... now with a little cream, but really not that much.

Mexicans are/have been to some degree ... migratory, depending on the weather/food ... and have been, and are Native American's ... North and South Americas ... the whole huge Continent on this side of the planet from the Eskimos to who-ever is left in Patagonia! INJUNS!

I'll be danged ... they weren't all systematically killed, and they have grandchildren and great, grandchildren, and great-great ... and still the stories are told, of the beginnings of things, ... ... ... on the opposite side of the world from Middle East

... 'our' land since the beginning of humanity on this planet! Well at least this side of it. 200 plus years and this 'administration' is going to lecture the world on democracy? freedom? equality? ... not one of whose ancestors came here 'legally' and that is a fact. Now that is funny ... would be, if I could stop crying.

What DO I say to my grandchildren? that is if they survive the newly named daily terrors? the mountain of unnecessary dead? the 'bird flu' movie? the constant reports of never ending war?

Brothers and sisters of the Buffalo, the Tortoise, the Whale, the Eagle, and the Woodpecker, the Mussel ... the Puma ... and once even the American Elephant, according to recent archeology findings ... ... ...

... children of the wind

... remember to breathe.

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