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The Hunger Site

Listed, and marked with an asterisk* are websites I think you might enjoy that I have personally created; trying to express a way of thinking about life that might help ... a way of being positive ... about my life, other beings, and the world condition.

You will also find links that I have found most to be particularly helpful, in home-schooling my own children and my grandson. Some sites are just for the sake of entertainment or relaxation: science, nature, healing the earth and ourselves.



All the websites selected strive to be family orientated, although I can not guarantee links from sites not my own.

New sites are added as I find ones that have caught my eye, ... and with time, I will sort properly by category, I promise!

Come back to the Wolfhaus School of the Arts and Garden soon, and while here, please leave a note of encouragement, or a solution to a problem you might see as needing to be addressed, put your thoughts out-there!

Best wishes for all involved on this fragile, little tiny speck of blue, green, and gold floating around a sun with uncountable other suns, in seemingly endless space.




* Wolfhaus School of the Arts and Garden
* Wolfhaus Gardens - Weather and Planting Notes
* The Lone Wolf Gallery
* Live Until You Die - Talk about it!
* The Cherry Dragon Gift Shop and Auction
* All Nations Revisited - Recipes from around the world
* Alby Mangels - a tribute
Family Education Network ... Everything at your fingertips, well almost.
The Planetary Society
National Wildlife Federation
Science at NASA
Science Daily Magazine - Search Our Archives
Splashes From the River
LibrarySpot - encyclopedias, maps, libraries and more.
*Rick Snel - Actor, Adventurer, and Documentary Film Maker
Koko and the Gorilla Foundation
Visit top-rated teacher Web sites rated by teacher usage
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet - WWWVL American Indians
Helping.Org. is a great idea - Volunteer today!
Crystalbay Virtual Village - help the planet!
Webshots - unbelievable collections of photos

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